Why is the foundation dedicated to supporting Billings Christian School? We believe that we are offering our kids a unique christ-centered education that will transcend into every facet of their lives long after they have left BCS. Don’t believe us,  hear from our community.

See Success Stories
  • Currently serving 425 students 
  • 15-29% higher than the national average on junior and senior ACT scores
  • 26 % of our students are on scholarship 

Our Families Say it Best

Robinson family

“Challenging our high schooler to push hard and to think outside the box… BCS is worth it!”

Cattarin family

“The quality of education and personal investment of teachers – second to none.”

Wagner family

“We feel unbelievably blessed to be a part of Billings Christian School.”

Wyrick family

“BCS surrounds my girl with strong, Godly people to love and teach her; I’m forever grateful!”

Together, we can impact BCS!